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Fair Isle Shetland Pony

This design was influenced by my own Shetland pony 'Donny' I originally did this design for a college project, I reworked the design and added in the fair isle patterns after seeing the photographs of the Shetland Ponies who wore Fair isle Ganzies (jumpers), sadly donny would not let me put a jumper on him, so instead I created this design with him in fair isle patterns.

Dancing Shetland Pony

This design was inspired by the advert Three socks the moonwalking Shetland pony, Socks is a peerie (small) Shetland pony from Shetland who in the advert is dancing to fleet wood Mac. I wanted to recreate the advert with my own design using drawings from my own Shetland pony along with original Shetland fairisle patterns.

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