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Da Banks Collection

Is a nostalgic collection inspired by walks when I was peerie with my dad, we used to go down around the Hoab and wander around the Kirk and the old lighthouse, and when any tirricks (artic terns) tried to dive bomb he would wave dockens above his head.


Tirricks Diving At Da Hoab

Inspiration for this design came one night when my daughter asked me to tell her a bed time story, earlier that day we had been doon at da hoab which is one of my favourite places in whalsay, I told her about how her auld Da (my dad) used to take me there for walks when I was peerie but in da simmer we had to avoid the tirricks nesting as they love to dive bomb your heid so Da used to take wild flooers usually dockens or hogweed and waved it abun his heid for da diving tirricks to attack instead of trying to peck da tap of his heid. 



FairIsle Simmer Sunset

I designed this floral fair isle pattern as a background pattern for the Tirrick Diving At Da Hoab design however I decided to keep that design black and white and have this one on its own showing Shetland’s colourful sunsets.



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